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Just as High Tech as our Laser, our shop is Full of State-of-the-Art Digital Cutting and Polishing Equipment. And of Course, When Needed, We still Have Skilled Craftsmen to Give your Job that Final Touch.

From Lasers, to a Photo Studio to Job Layout software and Waterjet Equipment for cutitng and polishing, Paragon Granite will put all the power of technology to work for you.

CNC technology can be found throughout the fabrication shop from our original digital cutting saw to the CNC router which is used to shape the edges of the counters to the very high tech 'SAW-JET' which is a digital cutting machine with a 16" saw blade and waterjet, all in one amazing machine. Full slabs of granite or quartz are laid down on the bed and after aligning with an overhead camera, the computer decides whether to use the saw blade or the waterjet for cutting the shapes, leaving the final decision up to the operator. After a few tweaks the machine is off and running, cutting the average slab in under an hour. And with precision accurate to within .001 of an inch. Amazing!

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