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With the Measurements Acquired from our Laser Template, We Photograph your slabs to Scale and Overlay the Shapes of your Counters Right Before your Eyes so You can Help us Design Seam Layout and Pick Which Patterns will be Featured on Your Countertops! It's an Amazing Process and Unique to Paragon Granite.

We are the only Fabricator in the Valley that utilizes this process and lets You be there for the Design and Layout of your Kitchen or Bath.

Appointments are typically made a day or two after the laser templates have been acquired and the slabs have been received at Paragon.

The process involves sitting down with Jeff or Vladimir in our comfortable showroom to look at the photos we've taken of your slabs, overlaid with the shapes of your counters and backsplashes. Simply moving a counter piece over a slab will immediately colorize the floor plan with the actual pattern as it will appear in your home. 

It's really an amazing thing to behold. Not only is it fun but you will discover with us exactly how much material will be needed and what the pattern/veins will look like before anything is even cut.

Once everything is laid out to your liking, we will print out the results for you to take home and share with family and friends. 

You are getting close now!!!

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