Granite Countertops Installation in California

Granite Countertops Checklist

1. Create a budget

Call Paragon to schedule a free in-home estimate. Jeff will come out and go over pricing and options with you. Depending on the size of your kitchen he will determine the number of slabs we will need for your job. Before or after the estimate, please come visit our showroom so you can meet our friendly staff and also see samples and choose an edge detail, among other things.

2. Start looking for materials (slabs and tile)

When you visit our showroom we can provide you with a list of slab yards in town from which you can choose your natural stone slabs. We also carry over 10 different brands of the Quartz slab with samples in our showroom. We suggest that you bring samples of the other materials (cabinet door, floor tile, and backsplash sample) with you when you are choosing your stone. Having the cabinet door with you, for instance, will help you see what the two materials will look like together. These are big decisions and can be confusing at times! Dont worry, we have seen almost every possible type of kitchen and can guide you through every step.

3. Shop for sink, faucet, and cook top

t is important to pick out your sink, faucet and cooktop before our fabrication process begins because we will need these dimensions in order to assure accurate cut outs. At Paragon, we carry a line of stainless steel sinks that you can see on display in our showroom.

4. Schedule demolition of existing countertops

Demolition of countertops can be done once your material, sink, faucet and cook top have been selected. The demolition process normally takes one day. Unfortunately, it is not possible to preserve your existing backsplash during demo. In preparing for demolition, we ask that you empty out your lower cabinets and clear a work area around your countertops. During demo, we take every precaution to protect your floor and cabinets. Although we use plastic sheets to create plastic barriers between rooms, as you can imagine, it is still not a dust free process. In some kitchens it is possible for us to template over your existing tile and put off demo until the day your new counters are being installed. This will significantly reduce the amount of time that your kitchen is under construction.

5. Schedule template

The template day kicks off our countdown! Templating is done in an hour and is the process in which we make patterns of your actual countertops. We now have a new process which uses a laser on a tripod to get accurate measurements before ever removing your existing surface, in most cases.

6. Slabs are sent to Paragon's shop

We will coordinate with the slab yard that you chose your slabs from to have the slabs sent to our shop. They normally arrive by the time the template is done.

7. Schedule layout

Once the template is complete, we invite you back to our shop to view your slabs and do a layout. During the layout, the patterns that were made at template are layed out onto your favorite portion of the slab so that portion can be featured where you want it. This process is done on a computer screen in our showroom. No need to use your imagination, your kitchen will come to life with the use of our digital technique. We photograph your slabs in accurate scale and overlay the pieces we captured with our laser at your house and the result shows what the pattern will look like before we ever cut it!

8. Fabrication

The fabrication process is when your job is actually going through our shop. You can expect this to take anywhere from 10 days to two weeks.

9. Order tile for backsplash and choose grout color

Unless you are doing a granite backsplash, you can select and order the tile for your backsplash while your job is being fabricated.

10. Schedule Installation

Once we have completed your installation, our installers will fully seal your new countertops. We will use an industry-standard water based sealer but always recommend our permanent sealer called Dry Treat. This is normally applied here in the shop and is guaranteed to last for 15 years minimum.

11. Schedule plumber

Our installers will connect your sink to the countertops, pre-drill faucet holes and caulk the sink in but the actual plumbing (connecting water and waste lines) will need to be completed by a licensed plumber of your choosing. We have a list of companies that we have had good success with in the past. We suggest that you schedule the plumber to come out the day after we install so that our glue can cure. It is also important to note that we do not re-connect your appliances or electrical outlets.

12. Backsplash installed

Tile backsplash

- Normally, installing a tile backsplash is a three day process. Day 1: Preparation of backsplash, mud and wireDay 2: Installation of tileDay 3: Grout After the grout has dried (min of 48 hrs), it is recommended that you seal your grout and/or splash tile. The same sealer that is used on the countertops can be used on any natural stone. Or you can pay us to come out and seal the grout.

Granite backsplash

- The installation of the granite backsplash is done 2 days after the countertops are installed. Installation of the backsplash is a one day process. After granite backsplash is installed, the electrical outlets will need to be re-connected by the homeowner. Sometimes, a longer screw is required to secure the outlet plate because your new granite backsplash might be thicker than your previous backsplash. An electrician should not be required for this task. Now, just relax and enjoy your new countertops!