Utilizing the Latest Digital Laser Measuring Equipment, We are able to Take Measurements with your existing Countertops in place so you won't have a torn up Kitchen or Bath for more than a Couple Days in Most Cases.

Most other Granite Fabricators require you to tear off your existing countertops before they can make templates (patterns) of your cabinets. 

At Paragon, We try hard to disrupt your lives as little as possible. We even offer to tear out your existing countertops for you, usually on the SAME DAY as your installation, believe it or not. 

From the time of the template to installation is usually 2-3 weeks so we just want you to relax and continue to enjoy your kitchen until the day of the installation.

Once we tear out your old surfaces and install your new counters, we come back 2-3 days later to install your full stone backsplash, or the day after your counters go in, you can have your tile man start installing your tile splash. Either way, we walk you through the entire process.

Painless Perfection!